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Kids & Adults Taekwon-Do

We are a family focused club and encourage parents and their children, to train together, wherever possible. As a result, in the Adults session we do have younger students training at times, however, the focus is much more intense in terms of focus, skills development and fitness training. You'll be pushed hard and driven to achieve your goals, based upon your capabilities and challenges. We don't run a "one size fits all" training regime; Instructors understand that we all have our strengths and weaknesses (we've been there!), therefore we make sure every lesson is progressive and challenging for all students! The sessions are 60mins long, however parents are welcome to join in with their children for the Kids session also, to get some extra fitness training and skills focus.

Your First Lesson - What To Expect 

Getting into a martial art, let alone any sports club, is no easy task. Rest assured that at Manx Taekwon-Do, we've taught children and adults from almost all backgrounds, some with great challenges, others with great talent and a fair few in between. The instructor team understands that everyone starts from the beginning (or gets back into things after a long break!). You'll be pushed to achieve your goals, but you with the support and coaching to actually succeed. This is not a McDojo, there are no grades given out for just showing up and paying fee's; hard-work, effort and the right attitude, counts for far more here than any other aspect!

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