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Experience, Professionalism, Passion

As Taekwon-Do instructors, our team has over 20 years experience in teaching; delivering excellence in all we do, with pride, passion and enthusiasm. Our approach is simple, inspire others through our own enthusiasm, support and mentorship, so that we drive our students achieve the very best, be it their focus on fitness, self-defence, competitive or professional goals in Taekwon-Do. 

We also understand the importance of having "walked the walk", when it comes to instilling confidence in what we're teaching. All our instructors have been students (and will never cease to be students!), regional, national and international competitors, part of national squads, contributors to global Taekwon-Do education & seminar events, not least people who have "been there, done that" in terms of success, failures and indomitable spirit! When you walk through the doors of our school, rest assured that we've seen it all, helped students through it all and know exactly what it takes to reach the goals set, not least how to get there in Taekwon-Do.


We are a part of the "International Taekwon-Do Federation" (ITF) teaching ITF style Taekwon-Do and the islands only ITF affiliated association. This means that all our students have access to national and international seminars, competitions, summer camps, squad training sessions, technical seminars, professional qualification courses and much more. When you join the school, you become part of a global family of Taekwon-Do practitioners and will start a journey that will change your life for the good, forever.

In addition to the ITF, the school also has close links to additional martial arts training styles, with our instructors cross certified in military self-defence systems (Tactical Edge) that we will incorporate into our adult training sessions, to help broaden skillsets and compliment self-defence training aspects that Taekwon-Do offers.

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